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  • セントラルパシフィックバンク以外のATMを世界中どこででもご利用になった際に、Non-CPB ATMお取り扱い手数料が免除されます。2
  • ATMサーチャージリベート
    ハワイ、およびアメリカ国内のセントラルパシフィックバンク以外のATMをご利用になった時に発生した、ATMサーチャージを払い戻します。 2,3
  1. Value Checking accounts with zero balance for 60 or more consecutive calendar days will be closed automatically without notice. For more details, visit any branch or contact our Customer Service Center. Online checking accounts require $25 deposit to activate.
  2. Transactions made at non-CPB ATMs are subject to our ATM Transaction Fees. Non-CPB ATM Transaction Fees are waived for Exceptional Checking accounts and Value Checking accounts with Plus Package.
  3. ATM Surcharge Rebates only apply to ATM surcharges from other banks and ATM operators incurred on your Exceptional Checking account or Value Checking account with Plus Package for ATM usage nationwide.
  4. Non-CPB ATMs may impose surcharges that are separate from and in addition to our ATM Transaction Fees and should disclose their surcharge fee at the beginning of the transaction.
  5. A Plus Package discounted fee of $3.95 per month is available upon request for seniors age 50 years and above. To begin receiving a Plus Package senior discount, please visit any branch or call our Customer Service Center at (808) 544-0500 or toll-free at 1-800-342-8422.